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Rise of Kingdoms Celebrates First Anniversary with New Hero, Queen Seondeok

Although it feels like I started playing the game yesterday, Rise of Kingdoms (initially known as Rise of Civilizations) is turning one!

And in order to celebrate, there’s a brand new update incoming, one that will make all the fans of the game really happy: we’re talking about a special event with massive rewards, as well as a brand new hero: Queen Seondeok.

I know that new heroes are the stuff that really makes us all happy at this point, so take a sneak peek at the new hero:

This Legendary Korean commander has skills that make her a good resource gatherer, increasing the load of the Siege units, as well as getting a boost in Gathering speed (with a main focus on Gold gathering).

The best part about Queen Seondeok in Rise of Kingdoms is that you can get her for free: all you have to do is to log in daily during the Anniversary Event in the game, which will last for eight days: if you do so, you get this solid resource gatherer.

In my opinion – although I didn’t get the chance to see all her skills yet – she has the potential of becoming a better choice than Cleopatra, since Queen Seondeok seems to be focused on resource gathering bonuses and boosts only.

But apart for this brand new hero, there are even more things to be happy for during the first anniversary event in Rise of Kingdoms!

Starting Sept. 14, Governors can take part in a week-long event celebrating Rise of Kingdoms first anniversary. Governors complete challenges earning candles to upgrade their Alliance’s Anniversary Cake, obtaining rewards such as new skins.

On Sept. 21, fans can watch a special anniversary video, made with the help of loyal players from across the world, celebrating their achievements and moments from the first year.

This video will also be displayed on massive video billboards at landmark locations around the world including Times Square in New York, Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, Leicester Square in London, and Sony Center in Berlin to thank the fans for their support.

This is pretty exciting and definitely shows how much the developers respect their players… and hopefully things will keep going on like they do.

Happy birthday, Rise of Kingdoms!


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