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Rise of Civilizations Version 1.0.9 Update Notes & Changes

Rise of Civilizations is getting ready for a new major update, one that will change a lot of things in the game and bring some new goodies as well. We’re talking about the Rise of Civilizations version 1.0.9 update and it will be released on September 17th – so just a little time left until it goes live!

In today’s article, we’re going to look at all the major (and less important) changes and goodies that the new update delivers, so that you can prepare accordingly.

It’s nice to see Lilith Games delivering the RoC update on the 17th which surely comes here as the final major update before the global launch of the game, as well as the iOS launch – both scheduled for September 21.

But let’s take things one at a time! So now it’s time to see what new goodies to expect from the 1.0.9 update for the game.

Commander Changes

These are probably the most important changes and tweaks to expect. The developers have been hard at work to balance and make the commanders better and all the new things to expect are great.

For example, some unannounced commanders will get their strength increased in order to match their star ratings. It is not sure which of them will be boosted – so now would be a great time to read our guide on how to star up your commander to make sure that you get the boost from the update.

Also, the starring up system of the commanders themselves will be simplified, which I am sure many will be extremely happy with. So if you have some commanders waiting to be starred up, it’s probably best to wait until the update goes live as it will probably be easier for you to do it.

The thing that some players might not like is that starting now, you will only be able to use upgrade materials with the same rarity as the commander in order to star them up.

Finally, commanders are getting some spit and polish as well, with new voiced lines introduced, as well as other tweaks, such as their strength being displayed on the information page. Also, when pairing two commanders, their ability special effects will now be displayed simultaneously.

Finally, some tech research changes will be made, with some unannounced technologies giving commanders additional strength. It would be nice if a new skill tree would be developed entirely for this!

Also, the difficulty of the Lost Temples your scouts find will be adjusted and balanced, while two new recharge bundles will be available in the game.

All in all, awesome stuff – especially if we look at the changes related to the Commanders in the game. I am extremely excited about the upcoming Version 1.0.9, but more so about the global launch which will surely be a massive event in the game!


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