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Rise of Civilizations Update 1.0.11 Brings New Commander Skill Trees, Major Alliance Changes & More

Lilith Games has been hard at work with Rise of Civilizations, and following the successful Halloween Update, they are planning a new one that will bring the game to version 1.0.11.

The new update will be a major one, bringing massive changes and improvements to the game. One of the most exciting (and at the same time scary for veteran players) changes is that each commander in the game will get their own skill tree / talent tree.

We won’t be seeing this soon!

According to the developers, the new update will introduce a “more streamlined appearance and add strategic depth” to the talent tree system, one that has been created based on each Commander’s special traits. This will hopefully not result in highly overpowered commanders, but ones that can be really specialized based on their roles.

When this update goes live, all the skill points that we have invested in our commanders will be reset (since a new system will be used) and we’ll be offered a number of skills equal to what we already have. Lilith Games also mentions that they will send a “special reward” that will allow players to try out the new system – so hopefully it won’t be something we’ll have to spend more resources on. We’ll see when it goes live and if I get more details, I will let you all know.

But that is not all! There is another major news to announce regarding the upcoming 1.0.11 update to Rise of Civilizations: the Alliance system is getting tweaked as well, although not to the core like the commander skills. Still, there are some exciting things incoming:

Alliance Resource Centers: These are new alliance structures created to ensure that players can obtain the resources they need. Only one type of resource center can be active at any given time (ex. just one food or one stone resource center), and it can protect troops gathering from being attacked. Multiple alliance members can gather from this type of resource center, but just one army per player is allowed.

This is a really good change which will make gathering during kill events and war time a lot safer. Pretty cool idea!

– Online status of all alliance members will become available to leaders and officers

– Inactivity reports will also be sent to officers and above if any member of the alliance becomes inactive for 3 or more days.

– Leaders and officers will be able to appoint new Captains to armies at passes, flags, holy sites or fortresses.

– New contribution markings will be available and other minor changes to the Alliance system will be made.

There are other goodies and minor tweaks announced, but we’ll learn more about them in future articles. For now, I think that we have enough reasons to be excited or at least curious about the upcoming Rise of Civilizations update, thanks to the new Commander Skill trees and alliance features.


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