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Rise of Civilizations to Change Name into Rise of Kingdoms

A big change is soon coming to Rise of Civilizations and our favorite strategy game on mobile. The game will change its name into Rise of Kingdoms.

While many of the older players were expecting something more substantial in terms of gameplay, Rise of Civilizations Rise of Kingdoms is the change that we’re getting.

Why did Lilith decide to change the name for one of the best and most popular strategy games on mobile right now?

No, they didn’t do it in order to get use more confused. They did it (as they have explained in a video published on their official Facebook page) because in some countries over the world they simply couldn’t register the original name – Rise of Civilizations – as a trademark.

They had two options: either have different names for the game in various countries and therefore cause more confusion or simply change the name. They chose what seems to me too the best option, which is getting a new name.

It’s not clear when exactly the name change will take place and when the new name, Rise of Kingdoms, will come into effect. We do know that it’s going to happen with the next update, so there’s not a lot of waiting left for us to do.

Of course, this change will not make much of a difference in the long run. The same team is still managing the development of the game and it’s pretty obvious that there are no plans to stop. So hopefully more exciting updates – this time gameplay-related – will follow.

They already introduced the cross-kingdom alliance battles in order to fix the inactivity problems with some of the older kingdoms that were having problems with active players, so I am sure that they have a lot of great ideas for the future of the game.

Until then, what do you think about Rise of Civilizations becoming Rise of Kingdoms? Do you like the new name?


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    1. Probably you are using characters that the game doesn’t support, or it triggers some sort of warning that it contains profane words. Try with something similar, it will probably work.

  1. The reason why RISE OF CIVILIZATION change its name to its current one is because its acronym ROC corresponds with Republic Of China (Taiwan) that is why Lilith and Legou finds difficulty registering it especially in mainland China were CCP dislikened that name.

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