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Rise of Kingdoms: Promote Your Alliance Here and Find New Active Members

One of the most important tips that I shared in our Rise of Kingdoms guide for beginners is being part of an active alliance. However, it is difficult for both sides to find each other: alliances looking for members are having a hard time finding them, while people looking for truly active alliances are also having a tough time.

This is why I have decided to create this article and give everybody a chance to find what they are looking for. In other words, this is the ultimate place to be for promoting your Rise of Kingdoms alliance and finding new members that are perfect for driving it forward.

Players looking for a solid alliance to join in Rise of Kingdoms should simply browse the comment section below and choose the one that fits the description the best (making sure that they fit the requirements as well).

So… how to promote your RoK alliance here and let others know that you’re looking for an active member?

Simply publish a comment below, clearly stating the name of your alliance to make it easy for fellow players to find you. Make sure to write all details that you think must be known by potential new members, such as requirements, type of alliance and even preferred time zone in order to keep things going as smoothly as possible.

IMPORTANT: Since there are multiple servers in the game, don’t forget to actually mention the server (Kingdom) you are playing in, otherwise, other players won’t be able to find you!

And this would be it – I will make sure to delete comments every now and then in order to make sure that old messages are removed and newer ones go to the top. This way, everybody will get a fair chance, although players looking for a new alliance in Rise of Kingdoms are encouraged to read all the comments and read the descriptions until they find the right one for them.

This would be all – so let’s start building some really solid alliances now!


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  1. i’m quite interested, are you in the midst of kvk? when does it end??

    I’m with 25m power, getting ready to migrate because of bad politics

  2. looks like a peaceful kingdom, who can i talk more with?

    I’m at 25m, am interested to migrate over. how long more to your kvk?


    We believe that together we can grow and prosper. Join the family and stay happy and safets
    20,000 power

    Will be RANKED on first come first serve basis.
    Rank 4: Only trusted.

    Min requiremen members with above 500,000 power.

    Try to stay close with your other Alliance Member.

  4. Hello
    Kingdom 1778
    We are looking for active players and players that will fight a war if needed
    The alliance is called 778V

  5. Dragons Roost is recruiting.
    Server 1235
    Alliance tag drG
    All player sizes welcome come and grow with us. This is a new alliance in an older kingdom come build it with us.

  6. Kingdom #1859
    Alliance: [SW59] Soul Knights
    Looking for active members of newer kingdoms. Our kingdom is in peace and actively preparing for KvK. We have a kingdom discord and good ambient. My alliance is top 1 and requires 2.5M+, but everyone is welcome to come to our kingdom to grow and have a good time together! 🙂

  7. Hello all,
    My alliance is located in #1737 and we are called [Twp]TheWienerPuncheRS. If you are a positive and active player we would love for you to join our alliance! We are building it from the ground up quickly and we would like you to grow with us. Whether you are a veteran or new player, we would like to have you. We can offer fair ranking and growth opportunities. I hope to hear from you! We will accept all.

  8. Hello,
    Looking for active members who will contribute towards the alliance. The alliance comes before personal needs.
    Required to be 500,000 minimum in power, exceptions are possible.
    Proud member of powerful, invincible 904 families.
    We just defeated 2 powerful alliances back to back.
    We are farmers and warriors, but rather chill alliance.
    Alliance name: [904C] Eigengrau
    Current power: at least 34,000,000 (as of this post)
    Territory: 50 (as of this post)
    Alliance Gift Level: 3 (as of this post)
    Please join and help us rise above all others!

  9. Alliance Tag : TRKX
    Alliance Name : GODS OF OLYMPUS
    To March. To Live. To Survive. To Die. IN GLORY.
    Join us and bend the knee to ascend into a new era of OLYMPUS!

  10. Kingdom #1904 June 24th, 2020 11:28
    Hello! We are looking for active members who want to contribute to the Alliance. We are very laid back Alliance and would love to get to know each and everyone of you. We have powerful allies and are looking to increase our power 10x!
    • 1m+
    • Help
    • Rally
    • Kick ass

  11. Alliance: [DS9] Dark Spartans
    Kingdom: #1954
    Leader: Lord Impaler99
    Officers: Leo Swampers and LadyBlackburn

    We would like to invite you to form part of our alliance, the Dark Spartans.
    We are an active family who wins and helps each other and we look forward to providing guidance in every way we can!
    We are getting very powerful and growing very fast!
    Our only requirement is to be active. We know how hard it is to find a truly active alliance who communicates and helps each other.
    If you have any doubt or can’t find the alliance, message the leader or one of the officers
    Come join us!

  12. kingdom 1062
    Alliance (NW) Nomadic Warriors
    Leader – Vordex
    Officers – CP Maniac – RedEdd – Vaxjo – Solus Prime

    We are a very active alliance that enjoy supporting each other. We love kvk and ke and we like to push each other. Plenty of support for players to grow and a 24/7 leadership team. We are looking for active social players. If you want to grow fast, have fun fighting and have fun then we are the alliance for you.

  13. Our alliance (The Scout Alliance), is a new and growing group with ten members at the moment. I am active all the time and am looking for active members too!

    Server number: #1958

  14. Join OlympiaLinks (OLY1) for a great alliance that is constantly growing. No application or certain power level needed.

  15. ***Welcome to The Nation of Gods***

    //Looking For Active Members\\
    //Please Read The “ENTIRE” Description//

    1. Please Move Closer
    2. Please be Active
    3. Don’t attack people who are in a clan unless in self defense
    4. You are free to attack players outside clans.
    5. Donate as often as possible
    6. Help players build,research, and heal as often as possible


  16. Kingdom 1537’s Allaince 0Z0(The Magiciens) is recruiting our kingdom has just gone through a massive changed of leadership and our alliance is currently 1.7 Billion Power and are on the kingdoms Council and we are looking to recruit powerful people who want an alliance to join we need active fighters who are willing to make a difference and help us rise to the top if you need any more information please reply to me.

  17. Alliance: The High Council
    Tag: ‘THC
    Kingdom: 1236 (Kingdom of Abbasid)

    The High Council (‘THC) is recruiting. We are the 3rd biggest alliance in this kingdom. Our tech is close to full which helps you to grow faster. We are also one of the assisting alliances in the (KvK) Event (you will also get KvK rewards). Join us now, we only have a few spots left.

  18. TheFallenLegion (TfL) is recruiting!!
    Kingdom #1994
    We are a very young alliance and we are in dire need for new recruits to join!!
    No minimum PowerLevel required!
    Only thing I ask is that you teleport to my location and be ready to move and donate to help grow the alliance!
    In order for us to participate in any activities and expand everyone must do their part!
    No allies yet but will change later In game!!
    Send me a message or just join the alliance when searching!!

  19. Welcome, I appreciate your time
    We are the Twin Ravens Watch (Tag: VYKG). We are a boastful attack Goliath and are looking for new members.
    Our alliance is currently at 7.5 million power and growing, hopefully with you in it.
    We are located in kingdom #2006
    Must be personal power level of 150,000+
    We have allies with the surrounding alliances.
    Message me for more details
    Have a great day and may Odin watch over you!

  20. Hi Guys,

    I am from Kingdom 1771 and name of the alliance is MA~X (oracles). We are a peaceful alliance and has access to Level 5-6 resources and almost everyone speaks English in this alliance. We have people from U.S., Switzerland, Iran, Indonesia, India etc.

    We honour loyalty for the alliance and rank people on that instead of chasing mindless power mongers.

    We are a growing alliance and welcome people to grow with us. We don’t have whales in our alliance and power ranges from 3-12 million.

    My name is Pulkit007
    Alliance : MA~x Oracles
    Kingdom 1771

    Looking forward to applications 🙂

  21. Looking for a NZ server .. I’m done with missing out on events and stuff coz of the time difference . Pleeease if there’s anyone in NZ that has an alliance I’ll join ! I am 5.2mill power . I know there’s gotta be 1 out there ! Lol

  22. Good morning , late 1500’s recruiting for kvk season 3 and long term , multiple options : can join the 2nd alliance in the kingdom depending on how many players , or can offer a shell alliance for a full alliance , let’s talk .. we are exp we have won kvk season 2 and the kingdom council has been in multiple kingdoms and have great diplomacy skills . If your interested in a future kingdom where you will be valued this is the place … mge .. 1st Tomeryis Wheel : 2nd Edward

    Interested ? reply …

  23. two governors Looking for a recreational North American server/alliance to join
    We play every day but not hard-core, our current kingdom just finished KVK1 but we didn’t participate. We know we’re missing out on a big part of the game, and want to participate more but it’s hard in our current kingdom.
    Happy to teleport and move close, not really chatty folks, but will always help, donate and assist when needed/planned…. getting tired of getting our butts kicked for farming etc and spending too many resources healing we can’t move our commanders along.
    current kingdom: Continent of Egria – #1829 Kingdom of Farnham
    current power levels: me: 2,598,529, partner: 1,636,815
    my commanders: 7 legendary star levels 2-4, 12 epic , 5 elite and 4 advanced
    REALLY looking just to have fun, do some battles, build and … did I mention have fun? I like the individual challenges
    Potential to move another player (our friend) from his kingdom as well…so we can all play together.
    Would love to hear from someone looking for a couple of regular but recreational players.

  24. #1601[#CK/C601][30M+] – International Alliance….the Cereal Killers!

    Are you sick of your same old boring alliance toast and jam?

    Then come join an overflowing bowl of kill thirsty warriors!

    Cereal Killers are a Honey Bunch of fun people All-Bran new to Kingdom 1601 and are already the TOP 2 alliance in power.
    This Special K_ingdom 1601 is run by a democratic alliance council of Apple Cinnamon flavored arbiters who fairly discuss all snap,crackle and pops.Leaving no Pebbles unturned. Like a bottle of milk, our Mighty Governor also has a cap on it.

    We’ve won the last 2 KvKs(1&2) and have been stocking the shelves for KvK3 ever since.You can find Cereal Killers in both the International and English speaking aisles.We welcome all flavor filled inside the box thinkers.As well, we are open to variety pack merges.

    For more information please contact in game Captain Crunch Creutzen ,Hidden Treasure Hiker or any other Raisin Nut R4.
    If you’re hungry,wield a killer spoon and enjoy good banter over a bowl or two, then come join our team!

    Just add milk.

  25. Alliance Name: HARD HORN COALITION (the ram is our sigil)
    Kingdom: #2064
    This guild was born on September 18th, 2020. We are an extremely young alliance. If you’re a new member who wants to build something from the ground up, instead of being carried by stronger players, this is the group for you.

  26. Hello Rok warriors. I am welcome everyone to join our new alliance. I have been leader/r4 in many alliances and im looking for new members in my brand new alliance Forgotten soldiers in kingdom 1829. We are very friendly and are open to anyone who wants to join. There is a current kingdom cap of 25m. Our kingdom has whales but we are not imperium. We are looking forward to kvk2 and looking forward to you joining this great opportunity. Thank you.

  27. Kingdom 2008 wants you! DrD DareDevils
    We’re a smaller active Alliance looking for more active players to help us grow and expand. We’re a mix of experienced and new players willing to help people learn the game and grow.

    We’re a close Alliance with a bond and want players who are looking for friends and fun.
    Must be active and follow the rules and guidelines. Willing to help the whole Kingdom for KVK

    We’re an open alliance and we welcome all players from all countries and languages.

  28. September 29 22:08

    I’m a new alliance looking for new member in kingdom 2057 the requirements are only that you are active and progressing if your interested you can always mail me in it at diablo27

  29. Kingdom 2095
    Clan Name: All41
    Player Name: OCK JayMack
    New Clan looking for new members to grow quickly and have fun it is free to join
    7 day inactive kick policy in effect
    As to keep the game fun And engaging for all clan members

  30. Kingdom : 2099
    Clan name : M4CS
    We are recruiting active players and we welcome all players from all countries and languages. We are a very active alliance that enjoy supporting each other. If you are looking for a new home don’t hesitate to apply! Thank you! <3

  31.                  🔥Hello Tawi Kingdom!🌟
              Come join the ROAR Community!

    Are you lonely and looking for a helping hand? Need assistance when attacked or attacking??
          Come join the (Heln)Laions! The most helpful alliance you could ask for! We will never let you down!          


    We are in the early stages of our alliance and actively looking for members! All you need is a nice attitude, active at least once per day and always helping us along our path to EXCELLENCE!!  
                         🦁🦁 ROAR!!!🦁🦁

  32. [1422][GT21][1M+ Power] The Rulers of China
    I know we only have 2 or 3 recruits, but please join so we can grow and hopefully one day be in Ark of Osiris and Osiris League. Don’t attack please. I am just trying to grow my alliance and kingdom in the kingdom of Deere. You must be active! If you are inactive for longer than 3 days, I will kick you. If you have vacation or other events you must attend, you must message me before you go.

  33. Kingdom: 1307 Elklake
    Alliance Name: TheTerrapins Alliance Tag: RE27
    We are an ez going alliance just having fun with the game. We attack barbarians, help eachother expand, and work on making our family bigger. We want to be big enought to take place in the wars and battle tornaments sometime. But for now, we are just looking for new members to kick it with. If you are just starting up or you are just looking for a new alliance to join. Then we might who you are looking for.

  34. Kingdom 1780 recruiting
    winners of kvk1&2
    Preparing for kvk3
    30mil and below players
    Good t4/5 kill death ratio
    Titles 24/7
    A diverse kingdom

    Contact Canada Kyle for more information

  35. Hey, I made a new clan called DodgerDogs it will be competitive, active and fun. We will be flexible with all of your needs and wants. When we have enough to make a fortress we will be near plenty of crops and we will make a alliance gold mine. I will be doing everything in my power to help grow and advance our alliance. It is obvious to make a smart move and join DodgerDogs. Sincerely, DodgerDogs.

  36. Please join we are very frendly and will do anything to help and together we will become stronger and better as one

    Must be Active
    And Welcome to-The_Kings-124
    Power level-Any

    Continent of egria-canquel
    Kingdom of pera

  37. Looking for a great alliance with very active members?
    Are you just started with the game and need some support?

    Join our alliance in kingdom 2190!
    Our alliance is called Low Rate Empire!

    Its always fun with us!

    We hope that you will join us, and be a part of our alliance!

  38. Join The attackers! We are not very aggressive, but you can attack if you want! No minimum on power requirements! Welcome!

  39. M1LK is looking for more members to grow together and become even more powerful. We are active and growing fast! The kingdom is peaceful so it is easy to grow.
    Alliance name: [M1LK] Expired Milk
    Kingdom: Kingdom of Garvald #2050

    We hope you can join us and we will greet you warmly! ☺️

  40. Hello I am looking for active member to be apart of our alliance.
    Name: Kingdom of Glass
    Where: Continent of Egria- Sytomino #2004 Kingdom of Colombo
    Anyone is welcome, please speak English only. Are plan is to take over the world so if your in for that.
    Timezone: EST America/New York (But any time zone is welcome just be aware of times)
    We’re chill be free to talk in chat-someone will respond!

  41. I built an alliance for peaceful players looking for a good time! We are building the foundations at the moment, but everyone is very friendly and we all help each other! All current members are very active.
    Name :The Holy Duck
    Where: Kingdom of Boa
    Tag: newi

    Hope to see some new faces!

  42. Diosmexicano

    I’m looking for alliance members to join my alliance! This is for new players wanting to have fun and build a strong alliance. Come join! We need 20 members to start earning resources! Anyone can join!

    Alliance name: Legendary Conquers
    Tag: 2949
    Leader name: Diosmexicano


    170m+ alliance and sub alliance
    + allied with the t4 alliances
    DM ME FOR SERIOUS Inquiries

    ❗️❗️❗️What we offer❗️❗️❗️

    • A peaceful kingdom with a huge family spirit ! Here you will grow up fast with the help of experienced and helpful players !

    • Well organised kingdom with a council team and good diplomacy that plays respecting everyone, even the small players or the enemy during KVK.

    • International and English speaking kingdom ! We have a lot of languages here (french, spanish, portuguese, and German)

    • Everyone is welcome to participate in ark, we have SUB teams if needed for the players who can’t have a spot in main alliances. Of course, we use vocal chats on discord for it 😉

    • A real family gaming experience, we fight together, we die together, we win together 😉 if you join us, prepare to be part of a family, not a simple alliance.

    • Group attacks for dungeons and balhurs

    🔻🔻🔻What we are looking for 🔻🔻🔻

    • Players who are not afraid by fighting and lose troops !

    • Players with power more than 3mil power

    • Respectful players, trash talkers are not welcome in our house !

    • Players who read and follow indications (chats, mails and markers). We need people that follow the same direction that our family 😜

    • Talkative and funny people who will participate in the family atmosphere that we already have ! 😉

    • English speaking here 😊

    Feel free to contact me ! We have spots available now and we can also accept little groups 😉👍🏼

  44. We are kingdom 1339
    The Immortals alliance is recruiting and so is the kingdom. The kingdom has shell alliances if an established alliance is looking for a new home. For individuals, immortals is the alliance to join, growing accounts or experienced players.
    Fully established, mature and powerful alliance with stable family atmosphere.
    Organised and regular Ark of Osiris
    Open, kingdom wide farming.
    No civil war, one kingdom, one family.
    24/7 title givers,
    full alliance cooperation during KvK
    Anti jerk policy throughout the kingdom.

  45. I’m looking for alliance members to join my alliance! This is for new players wanting to have fun and build a strong alliance. Come join! Anyone can join!
    New comers are welcome. No min requirement. Happy family. Time to Grow together.

    Alliance name: BILLIONAIRE
    Tag: RILA
    Leader name: BILLIONAIRE WIL


  46. I’m looking for new alliance member.
    We need 20 member to growth up our alliance.
    Newcomers are welcome.
    Just have fun ..

    √ must be active
    √ no minimum power
    √ help and donate

    Alliance name: DeathRipper
    Tag: DieR

    LEADER NAME: Etrovius
    R4: jhun de Villa, Jaclee, mathias98, Sir Kull

  48. I’m looking for new alliance members.
    We need 20 member to really get going.
    All players are welcome and enjoy the game!

    √ must be active
    √ no minimum power
    √ help and donate

    Kingdom: #2250
    Alliance name: ONE PIECE 4 LIFE
    Tag: 1P4L

  49. Looking for members to join KD 2086.
    Alliance OlD Pirates; (BPO)
    Looking to recruit active and high level players.
    Requirements: 5 million or above and highly active
    KVK 2 ending in a week, and hopefully can join then.
    KVK 3 starting 2 weeks after KVK 2 ends.

    *donate to the max
    *spam help
    *have fun

    -in-game user. Biopack

  50. 📜SPMK is not an alliance, it is the unity🗺️. When you join us, you will be part of our family. We embrace you! Together we get stronger, fight against enemies ⚔️and protect you until the end! Come and be one of us! 🤍
    Our requirement: Minimum 500k power
    #2240 Kingdom. Oeta area. We are waiting you!

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