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Rise of Civilizations: Minamoto Build (Following the New Skill System Update)

Minamoto No Yoshitsune is a premium legendary commander in Rise of Civilizations, an easy legendary to get if you spend some money on the first recharge bonus.

And today we’re going to talk about making him a lot better in the complete guide to the Minamoto build after the skill system reset.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about (many people might start playing the game after the skills apocalypse), it’s worth saying that a recent update changed the way the talent trees worked for all commanders in the game.

Everybody had to start over and even though the new talent tree is a lot easier to understand, a bit of extra advice never hurts.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about today: a Minamoto build in Rise of Civilizations and my recommended way to unlock his talents. But first, let’s take an overall look at the dude himself:

As you can see, he is a really solid guy with three different traits: Cavalry, Peacekeeping and Nuke.

While the first specialization is pretty much self-explanatory (boosts to cavalry units), Peacekeeping makes him great against Barbarians and Nuke gives boosts to his active skill.

This means that when it comes to the perfect Minamoto build, you have two options actually, each of them being pretty solid: either focus on his Cavalry boosts, like I did, or go a completely different route and focus on making him better against Barbarians.

We’ll talk about these more, but first let’s see my current build, with a complete focus on Cavalry:

The main reason why I am following the Cavalry route is that I already have a much better option (in my opinion) to focus on when it comes to barbarians: Boudica.

And even though having two commanders focused on Barbarian destruction is a good idea, I still felt that I should focus on the Cavalry boosts to have more options (like advantages in potential PvP, for example).

So if you want to go my route and turn him into a real cavalry master, unlock the Cavalry skills in this order: Dragon Saber first (for increased overall attack), Buff second and Galea third.

Now I know that it would’ve been even better to unlock the first Pacekeeping talent as well, since it gives you 3% increased march speed.

And even though that’s not an awful lot, you’re going to be faster and that matters long term.

But afterwards, focus on the Cavalry skills and try to get to Undying Fury (for extra rage) and then Disarm.

If you don’t already have a good Pacekeeping hero (one focused on destroying Barbarians), then you can definitely go this route.

But I personally believe that there are better options for Barbarian fighters out there and there’s more to earn if you focus on making him a better cavalry guy.

What do you think, though? Is this Minamoto build for Rise of Civilization good for you or you would have a different approach?


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  1. I’m trying to follow this guide but I don’t understand what you mean by buff second after dragon saber. I see buff in the little green box but I don’t see an actual skill called buff. Can you clarify this?

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