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Rise of Civilizations iOS Release Date Announced & Global Release Incoming

I have some great news to share, especially for those who wanted to play the amazing Rise of Civilizations but couldn’t so far: the Rise of Civilizations iOS version is coming soon. Really soon!

The developers of the game have announced the public that RoC is going to receive a full iOS release on September 21. This is also an extremely important milestone, because both the iOS version, as well as the Android version of Rise of Civilizations will be launched worldwide on that date.

What does this mean? Most likely, an influx of players who have never played the game before will be joining the virtual worlds of the game, making it a lot more interesting.

If you’re one of the new players, don’t forget to check out our tips for beginners in order to make sure that you start on the right foot. There’s a lot to learn (and love) about Rise of Civilizations, so make sure you give it your best.

The global launch of the game, coinciding with the release on iOS, will also come with some changes and massive discounts to offer both existing players and new ones a chance to progress faster and establish their kingdom as one of the top civilizations in the game. Here are some data on the in-game changes and discounts:

– VIP Exclusive Chests, Super-Value Bundles and Daily Special Bundles will increase in value.

– Gem Store bundles will have more bundles and extra rewards.

– Monthly Gem Subscriptions and Weekly Resource Subscriptions in the Supply Depot will provide more gems and resources as well. If you already have a subscription, worry not as you will be upgraded automatically

– Growth Fund price will increase to $14.99, but so will the rewards: cumulative total will grow to a whooping 81,000 gems from the current 32,000. Again, all Growth Funds already purchased will be automatically upgraded

– Finally, all resources are on sale! This is the perfect time to give your civilization a much needed boost to remain competitive after the influx of players is coming.

All in all, we have a lot of reasons to be extremely happy with the upcoming release of Rise of Civilizations for iOS devices, as well as more countries being added to the Android line-up. Hats off to the developers’ dedication to making this game better and available worldwide! Hope you are as excited as I am about this upcoming release.


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  1. I was happily playing ROC on my iPad until the latest update .. Talent tree .. it said server will be down 2.5 hours but I have not been able to play for 5 days . Ready to erase game because I am now so far behind … unless they give me 5 days of building and research speed ups and all the resources I would have gathered and all the troops I would have trained and crates I would have opened in 5 days … and that’s just the basic stuff I am missing because of this IOS problem and I know I am not the only one . I am still getting notifications from the game and my alliance misses me but I can’t contact them . How do I get back into the game . It loads to 90% then crashes or loads all the way so I see my city from a distance then crashes . I have tried installing update from iTunes when the Automatic update crashed and nothing is working . Please help

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