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Rise of Kingdoms Guide: How to Move from a Kingdom to Another (How to Change Servers)

When you first start playing Rise of Kingdoms, you are assigned to a random server.

Usually, a newer server is used for new players, since everything would be more balanced and you won’t find your level 1 city surrounded by level 20 and above ones.

However, the game allows you to change servers or change the kingdom you’re in – that’s the same thing and it is done easily.

But since the tutorial doesn’t explicitly tell you that you can change servers and the option itself is not very easy to find, I am here to help and in today’s article I will teach you how to change servers in Rise of Kingdoms and how to move to a different Kingdom.

For example, if you are in RoK in the Continent of Pontus, the Kingdom of Tuttle and you want to move to to the Kingdom of Egria – Daciae, the Kingdom of Mercia, this guide will tell you how to do it! Of course, this would work for any two kingdoms in the game.

First of all, before we even get to this, there’s one thing you should know: you can only change servers and move to a new kingdom BEFORE you upgrade your City Hall to level 8.

So if your city hall is higher than level 8, you will not be able to change kingdoms and servers and you are stuck to the server/kingdom you’re at. There’s nothing you can do to move at this point.

You will also need to meet other requirements, out of which the most important is to own at least one Beginner’s Teleport (so if you used it, you won’t be able to change to a different continent or kingdom).

You also need to have all your troops at home, no reinforcements in the city, not be part of an alliance and you don’t have more than one other character in the world you are teleporting to.

If you meet all these requirements, hanging servers in Rise of Kingdoms (aka moving to a different Continent / Kingdom) should be really easy.

1. First, pinch the screen to zoom out as much as possible, in order to see as much as possible of your current kingdom:

In the image above, you see exactly how this should look like. We have more screenshots for you to make things easier.

2. Tap the earth globe icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will bring a list of Kingdoms, showing you your current kingdom:

3. Simply browse the list and tap the Continent you want to move to, select a Kingdom from the list and then finally select a Province you want to move to:

4. Tap the yellow Teleport button. If you meet all the requirements listed at the beginning of this article (the game will also list them for you), the game will reset and you will find yourself in the new kingdom, in the selected region.

This makes it a lot easier for you to play together with your friends or move away from an old server with high level players and go somewhere that’s more beginner-friendly, as long as you decide to do this before your City Hall reaches level 8.

I hope you find this guide useful. If you have any additional questions about moving kingdoms and switching servers in Rise of Kingdoms, let me know by commenting below.


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    1. Newbie tp will be gone yes. You cannot change kingdoms anymore.
      That targeted and territorial you get you will still have that.

    1. Not sure what you mean. But this isn’t dungeon keeper or crusader kings II, where the beaten enemy can be captured and send to prison. You can defeat other armies and zero other ones cities. That’s it.

  1. Using character management, i’ve created different account. Can I transfer resource between different alliance, one account is itc and another one is w2c

  2. I am trying to do what your guide suggests, but get an error message, “This kingdom has left the naecent stage, Governors can no longer teleport here.
    Now what.

    1. You can’t teleport to an old kingdom… you can only create a new account. This is apparently a fairly recent change but it’s been that way since I started playing. Supposed to change again in May with the Kingdom to Kingdom update.

      1. I’m in 1316 trying to go to another location that gives me “The Kingdom has left the nascent stage. Governers can’t teleport.” CH7 and have friends in another continent and kingdom I’m trying to get to.

  3. can we move to another kingdom while ur CH 20? when ur kingdom temple have been captured? coz its so boring after all…

  4. Is there a way to change worlds for higher level players, since we are trying to get a friend who is around power level 800.000 to come to our alliance. If there is please help

  5. I can not teleport to another kingdom, the message says that the kingdom i want to teleport in has already left the nascent stage. Is there still way for me to teleport? My other account is there

    1. This might have to do with the upcoming The Lost Kingdom update. This changes the way teleporting to a new kingdom works (for higher level players at least). Let’s wait for the update to be released and we’ll know for sure how to do it.

      1. Hi, i’ve the same problem, it syays we have to wait 90days, do you have more informations ?

  6. Want to change kingdoms but the kingdom I want to immigrate to is 35 days old and the game tells me I cannot change until the kingdom is 90 days old. Why is this? Is there a work around?

  7. what do you mean the game will reset? I am ch7 now with 40k power so I decided to move to another Kingdom, does it mean it will go back to zero?

  8. Hey
    Why there is no option to move your castle to another kingdom when u higher then Level 8
    I didn’t know that its the case and I stuck in kingdom that I have issue with
    I’m castle level 29
    I think u should have option to move to another one

  9. How do I get an account back on my iPad I tried to link it but it didn’t work and it went to another account I want steady71 back

  10. Ive started an account on old server. leveld my cit hal up to lvl 7. trying to teleport to other server. but is says server is protected.

    The event kvk is now on that server so migration is nog possible. about 5 days the event lost kingdoms season 2 ends. will it be possible to teleport when event is over? Does anyone know ?

    Greating Kippy

  11. I legitimately tried moving to another kingdom with beginner teleport before upgrading to level 8 and the game literally wasted my teleport. There is scant tutorial for this game and the arrangement does not prevent highly experienced players from repeatedly attacking a new player (I.e. within minutes) who cannot teleport to his/ her alliance and wasting all the resources a newb might have worked to acquire. I was told that you need a *territorial or other kind of teleport* to move between kingdoms. Honestly, even players in the game barely know how to play it and so many of the ones in your kingdom will be jerks (insert stronger word). The game encourages that. You can message support but you will not receive a response.

  12. I keep trying to teleport and met the requirements but it keeps saying the kingdom i’m trying to teleport to is protected. What does that mean and how do i get past it?

  13. The 1241 Kingdom opens its doors to all types of players. Here the mutual help and the good mood are usually at the appointment.
    We have 5 alliances mainly dedicated to kvk:
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    We are an international server therefore active at all times.

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  14. You must create a new character under character management and it will allow you to go to any kingdom, protected or not. Your first character, will not be able to migrate to protected kingdoms fresh out of the nascent stage, but creating an additional character will.

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