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Rise of Civilizations: Boudica Build & Commander Upgrade Guide

Commanders have been completely changed following the latest update of the game, with their talents reset and more personalized talent trees introduced.

We’re going to talk about them all here on RoC Fanatics, but we’ll start with my favorite commander: Boudica.

So in today’s article, we’ll check out my Rise of Civilizations Boudica build – and if you have her and wondering how to skill her up, this should come in handy.

In my opinion, with most commanders, things are pretty much straightforward as you only need to focus on a single talent – their main talent – for a long time.

But eventually – as it is Boudica’s case, you will have to look into investing into other parts as well.

So without further ado, let’s check out my recommended Boudica build for Rise of Civilizations, following the skill reset. Here is Boudica as I have her in the game right now at level 37:

As you can see from the get-go, I managed to invest quite a bit in her skills and I am happy. I don’t spend a lot of money in this game and try to go as free to play as possible and hence the slower progress.

But it’s still fun and I’m in no hurry – and I am also pretty much satisfied with how things look.

But let’s see the recommended Boudica build and the talents you should invest in following the update:

As you can see, I have decided to focus on upgrading only her talents in the Pacekeeping talent branch. This gives Boudica a lot of bonuses against barbarians and boosts to the troops, the most important milestones being the ones below. Get them first!

Quick Study (the scroll type of skill) which gives her (and the secondary commander!) 15% more XP points from fighting barbarians
Insight (the eagle icon) which reduces the amount of AP you consume when attacking
Trophy Hunter (the bag icon near the scroll) which gives you more loot when winning battles
Thoroughbreds (the horse head at the bottom) which increases your troops’ march speed even more

All in all, these are amazing skills to have for a PvE commander. I am doing little PvP anyway and fighting barbarians most of the time and Boudica is perfect for that – just like any commander with the Pacekeeping talent tree.

But I shouldn’t have focused on some of the talent tree skills here and I could’ve stopped investing in them at level 31, after getting all the major skills and not the ones that I have edited out below:

Those are pretty much worthless upgrades, because I don’t plan on going any further with her. Sure, the Curing Chant is a good skill to have since it reduces the number of Severely Wounded troops – but you need the Double-Edged Sword unlocked, which increases the damage Boudica’s troops get from barbarians. And I don’t want that.

Instead, after level 31, I recommend you to switch to the Nuke area, where you start boosting Boudica’s skills. Just unlock them in the order that’s possible there, getting the Burning Blood first, the All for One Second, then Heraldic Shield Third.

This should give you quite a few levels to invest and make Boudica extremely powerful.

So this would be my recommended build for Boudica in Rise of Civilizations. What do you think about this build? Let us all know by sharing your comments below!


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