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Rise of Civilizations Becomes Rise of Kingdoms, Adds Byzantium, Ottoman and Arabia Civs

Today is a HUGE day for Rise of Civilization. The game has now become Rise of Kingdoms, as I have announced in an article a while ago.

However, it’s not just a name change that we’re getting: the game also receives three new civilizations you can play as, the Byzantium, Ottoman and Arabia civilizations!

Right now, I am installing the update after missing in action for a while now – I will make sure to check out the game and see how it has changed since I last played it and I will make sure to come back with some guides for the new civilizations and content released.

With the new update, we now have 11 Civilizations to choose from and also a brand new themed music composed by two-time Grammy Award winner Christopher Tin. Now the entire experience is getting better and we’re all up for a fresh start.

As I said, I haven’t played Rise of Kingdoms lately – as you probably saw by the lack of guides posted on the blog, but this new update definitely got me intrigued and I can’t wait to jump back in to the game, maybe go for a fresh start with one of the new civilizations.

Until then… don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the newly released update: do you like any of the new civilizations? Do you think that they’re better than the starting ones?

What will happen with this blog? will not rebrand. We are an unofficial fansite of the game and the name change shouldn’t matter too much. What matters is the community that we have built and the helpful guides available on this website.

Therefore, we’ll still be available here at this address, despite the name change. Even more, I plan on writing more articles on the game for the new content, so it should only get better from now on.


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