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Rise of Civilizations: Upgrade Troops or Train New Ones after Unlocking Them?

As you go up the ages in Rise of Civilizations and you upgrade your Headquarters more and more, you will eventually unlock new troop types. And once you do, you are faced with a dilemma: should you upgrade your existing units into the better troops or keep the old ones and start training new ones?

I am assuming from the beginning that it’s pretty much obvious that the newly unlocked units are always better than the old ones and you should never train a previous type of unit anymore. This is a rule.

To prove that, here are a couple of screenshots comparing the Arcuballista (level 2 Siege Unit) with the Battering Ram:

The weaker unit is good for starters…
The new unit brings massive improvements

As you can see, everything but the Marching speed is way better with the superior level unit. So this is what you should be focusing on after unlocking these new units: better stats and numbers!

But what about the existing ones? Should you upgrade the existing troops or let them be and start training new ones?

My opinion is that you should take the time and upgrade existing units into the better ones instead of ignoring them and only training new ones.

If you are wondering why I say that, there are actually various reasons. The most important is time required to get the better troops. Taking some infantry troops as an example – just for the sake of diversity – we can see that training new Level 2 units (Swordsman) takes a bit over 2 hours:

However, if I am to upgrade the existing troops, I only need a bit over one hour and a lot less in terms of resources as well:

But this is not the only reason why you want to upgrade your existing troops before you train new ones. Each commander in the game has a specific troop capacity. So simply getting a million units won’t actually help make you better in battle: you need the best troops you have available in the game in order to achieve that.

Older troops become obsolete extremely fast and simply upgrading them basically doubles your nation’s power, while increasing the stats of the said units a lot. So this is the route you should always follow in order to make sure that you’re doing what is best for your civilization: start upgrading existing troops first, then work on new ones.

But make sure that you are active and log in often in order to get done with the upgrade process as fast as possible in order to get that boost ASAP.

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