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Rise of Kingdoms: Promote Your Alliance Here and Find New Active Members

One of the most important tips that I shared in our Rise of Kingdoms guide for beginners is being part of an active alliance. However, it is difficult for both sides to find each other: alliances looking for members are having a hard time finding them, while people looking for truly active alliances are also having a tough time.

This is why I have decided to create this article and give everybody a chance to find what they are looking for. In other words, this is the ultimate place to be for promoting your Rise of Kingdoms alliance and finding new members that are perfect for driving it forward.

Players looking for a solid alliance to join in Rise of Kingdoms should simply browse the comment section below and choose the one that fits the description the best (making sure that they fit the requirements as well).

So… how to promote your RoK alliance here and let others know that you’re looking for an active member?

Simply publish a comment below, clearly stating the name of your alliance to make it easy for fellow players to find you. Make sure to write all details that you think must be known by potential new members, such as requirements, type of alliance and even preferred time zone in order to keep things going as smoothly as possible.

IMPORTANT: Since there are multiple servers in the game, don’t forget to actually mention the server (Kingdom) you are playing in, otherwise, other players won’t be able to find you!

And this would be it – I will make sure to delete comments every now and then in order to make sure that old messages are removed and newer ones go to the top. This way, everybody will get a fair chance, although players looking for a new alliance in Rise of Kingdoms are encouraged to read all the comments and read the descriptions until they find the right one for them.

This would be all – so let’s start building some really solid alliances now!


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  1. Looking for active players to Join our Brand new alliance!
    No power requirements
    Anyone can join -if an active player
    Tag: Mack
    Alliance name : bossplayas
    Alliance created 3/27/2019
    Looking to rally and become the best alliance possible

  2. Hi everyone,

    We are a small alliance still (40 members) but the current members are active daily for multiple hours. We want to grow together and help each other out as much as possible! We are mostly french but you are welcome if you are an active player ! 🙂
    Continent of Egria
    Kingdom of Mammit 1274

    We are the SK5a, you can contact me, Calcinor for details, or Aalex35

  3. A rapidly growing alliance, 37 members and we’re looking for new and active members, we’re expanding pretty neatly and loyal and active people will be ranked up, join the family of GHAZ today!

    Location: Continent of Egria
    Kingdom of Sesekinika — #1298 — Just north of the V mark on the kingdom map.
    We’re [ GHAZ ] Ghaznavid Empire
    Contact Stipe for information / invitation.

  4. We are a alliance of 51 members looking to grow our active base. We are:
    Name: AD Phd_ [AD_]
    Location: Continent of Egria
    Kingdom: Kingdom of Harappa #1191
    Reply to this post or contact theBBP or any other AD_ member for info!

  5. Loooking for actives to join our new alliance!
    Alliance name: ReignofKingS
    Tag: RoKS
    Created: 07-04-2019
    Kingdom : #1301

  6. New Founded Alliance
    Looking for all kinds of active players
    Alliance name: Sussex_Seagull
    We have three places left for Rank 4 commanders( First come first serve)


    Name: “the fucking avengers”
    Tag: AVHQ
    Kingdom: 1314

    •Anyone is welcome
    •We’ll immediately give you a high rank

  8. I’m looking for active players to my new alliance The Armament [~TA~]
    #1318 Kingdom of Duparquet
    Time zone: doesn’t matter
    Troops: doesn’t matter
    I wanna to grow strong alliance with active members who will also be friends with each other (not necessary)
    ANYONE CAN JOIN by sending application

  9. Looking for members seeking to grow early alliance with faster path to earning rank and title. You may have previously joined an alliances who weren’t active, played in time zone vastly different from yours. Or were kicked out for little reason.

    Become part of our rodent family and enjoy free 🎁 upon joining and Gems 💎 to the first 5 members to join and contribute daily for 30 minimum days, and change your name to a rodent of your choice.

    🥜 Mention ad code, “nuts” in pm when you apply.

    Preferred (but not required): English, Spanish. Time zone in North or South America. Central Chicago, Dallas, NY, Mexico City, Lima, Rio

    🐭 🐿 🐀 🦡 🦝 🐹

    Alliance name: Vicious Rodents
    Alliance tag: VRA

    Continent: Egria
    Kingdom: Heirok
    Server: #1266
    Location: #1266 X:#503 Y:#259
    Location: Centered Between Olympia (look north) and Izumi (look south)

  10. [M#BP] The Black Parade is a global alliance on Kingdom 1192 that fought it’s way from zone 1 all the way to the temple, and even after it opened before we made an agreement with the other alliances touching the Lost Temple for a rotation of Kingship. We are preparing for KvK and how that Migration is open we are looking for players to join us as we get ready to resume our fighting ways in KvK.
    We are mostly english speaking, however the translator is there for a reason. We have members from all countires and time zones so there are always people online. Ideal power at this point in the game would be those 10M+. This is not a neccessity, however we will not be looking at sub 5M players.

    TLDR –
    Alliance Name: The Black Parade
    Alliance Tag: M#BP
    Kingdom: 1192
    Temple Status: 6 way rotation (which we are involved in, and organised)
    Power Requirement: 10M+ ideally, no lower than 5M
    Contact: Shiftycus

    1. We are still actively recruiting as we prepare for KvK. We are over 1B power and have had peace around the temple for over 2 months, with each temple aliiance focused on growing for kvk and planning together to ensure Kingdom success.

  11. Misfits n mayhem
    Atleast 5 mill and up with ch 22
    Kingdom of granada #1197
    Also have zone 3 access and we are preparing for kvk

  12. Join Gods in Kingdom 77 today!!

    We are a Top 5 alliance and are masters of Ark of a orisis.

    We accept ALL languages and all time zones.

    See you on RoK!


  13. #1136 Kingdom of Hebron

    [Moon] Fandango Clando

    New alliance, couple of newer players just keeping things chill. We’re from UK but we don’t care where you’re from. Feel free to join and chill out

  14. Continent of Egria
    Kingdom of Sambava

    New Clan: Merchands & Warlords
    Tag: M&WL

    Recruiting members with 80,000+ power
    Active most of the day, feel free to join

  15. Black Heart Legion
    Server 1136
    We are looking for active players wishing to have a good time. We are a top ten alliance and growing quickly. Contact leadership with questions.

  16. Alliance “The Nights Watch1”
    Pretty relaxed players but looking to grow quickly. Anyone can join but looking for active players.

  17. Hello I need people for my new alliance called
    (Blessed souls) [D0VE] that’s a zero not an O
    I need active members to get my clan going I’m very active and I’m at the newest server (1347) please I just need to jump start my alliance

  18. Hello I need people for my new alliance called
    (The MisFits) (TMF) Looking for active members to help start my new alliance on server #1345 English speaking in the Usa and European country’s.
    Please join trying to get started on here and have a good time

  19. Ginyu Force (GNYU) is a new alliance with 12 members on #1343 – Masai Mara. We are a mostly local Alaskan group looking to grow and expand. If you are a noob or just starting feel free to join us because we are as well. We are active and need more people to grow!. Come help us make the greatest alliance ever because together we are the…Ginyu Force!!

  20. I have such a small alliance it’s just me; had a couple members but had to kick them for being inactive. I am on the Continent of Egria-Kilham, #1222, Nerve – Blaye. My alliance name is Emerald Dragon (EMD) and my username is Mcpastrick.

  21. HELLO join the SupremeClan we are looking for very active players and people who can help me out need 50k or 100k plus power so please let’s grow stronger and stop the great ninja war SERVER 1347 KINGDOM NAGATO

  22. Continent:Egria
    Alliance location:Egria Sabava
    Alliance name:Dragon Soldiers(DRS)
    Need active members minimum power 50k but anybody is welcome.
    Contact me in the game @chris stone

  23. 6 am
    Alliance location:Egria Sambava
    Alliance name:Dragon Soldiers(DRS)
    Need active members minimum power 50k but anybody is welcome.
    Contact me in the game @chris stone

  24. SERVER 1347

    NEED ACTIVE PLAYERS TO JOIN SUPREME CLAN 80k in power together we can make each other stronger

  25. Recently started playing the game a couple weeks ago and decided to start an alliance so it’ll be very small right now.

    Server: 1350
    Kingdom of Tururu
    Alliance Name: Dragon_Warrior (DRWS)
    Power Requirements: 30,000 (for you low level starters like me)
    Just be active, be kind and help out when needed.

  26. Hello everyone, the last alliance I was in got disbanded so I decided to create my own alliance for new players and those who want to level up quickly
    Server: 1315
    Kingdom of chicobi
    Alliance Name: Kings landing
    Power Requirements: everyone is invited
    Just be active, be kind and help out when needed.

  27. #1226 Kingdom of Valens
    alliance: DTss
    We have big territory, good buffs from holy sites, great technology
    We are looking for active players
    We can help each other grow more powerful faster

  28. Hello! Do you have a passion for facing challenges? Wild Fire Warriors is a great place to go. Even when challenges seem impossible, we have proven it possible. We do work together completing events, and we have Discord for chat or voice chat during event battles. Come on over to kingdom 1030 Blaye zone.
    Kingdom 1030
    Alliance name : wPC

  29. Hello governor!

    Are you someone who:

    – Enjoys drinking, smack talking, and sharing dirty jokes?
    – Wants to be a part of a family instead of just being in an alliance?

    If so, you’re in luck! We at DLMz are seeking for more crew members to join our table – just make sure you bring your finest alcohol of choice.

    To tell you a bit about us, we are:

    – An active family that has players from all around the world.
    – We support each other (and our kingdom) by getting involved in every single event. We love winning rewards diplomatically.
    – If you are someone who contributes positively to the group, then we are here to help you grow with more success!

    Does this sound like something you want to find out more about? Reply here or message me in-game (Zarara).

    Happy playing!

  30. Hello! Looking for an alliance with an experienced leader in a brand new Kingdom? I have level 21, 22 and 25 level cities halls in several other Kingdoms and have started an alliance in 1371 – Princes of Amber (2 members currently).

    I am a believer in supporting each other so we all grow, listening to ideas and suggestions and enjoying the game.

    Come check us out!

  31. Hello if you’re looking for a fair well ran solid server to migrate to check out 1293 we already have 3 1bil plus alliances coming after migration each with multiple t5 holders ontop of many old accts with t5 joining from our previous alliance were looking for 1 more 1bil plus alliance to round out a plan our king has for KvK speaking of king I think we can all agree that kings are one of the most important aspect of any server servers with lazy kings suck so I’ll tell a little bit about our king he’s x German military fair and a fantastic planner we dominated our server even though at one time we were #2 on power he’ll bring that same planning to kvk so I have no doubt we’ll be #1 this message is part advertisement part recruitment we aren’t just looking for prefab alliances we offering a home to any honorable ronin out there or small active alliances fine with not being in z3 who are looking for a safe home so contact me on discord Googleman314#3394 and join a server who will be on top our migration starts June 16th I hope to see you all here

  32. Kingdom of Titus is recruiting. We currently have 5.5 million power and are closely allied with my former alliance who has 60 million power. Our goal is to expand territory and control the immediate region. There will be war and there will be plenty of rallies. Become a Spartan today!

    Location: #1362 Kingdom of Mimoso
    Language preference: English

    If interested please send PM to King Titus III or simply join Kingdom of Titus.

  33. Kingdom of hebron
    Vendetta4 (vends)

    We are a small group of very active players, we offen do Forts and trade to help each other out. The plan was to get strong enough to get revenge on an alliance that basically bullied us out. Come and help us, it wont be easy but if you want a challenge instead of joining an already powerful alliance we would appreciate the help guys!!! Help the underlings grow strong!!

  34. Continent of Egria (1368)
    Kingdom of Formosa
    Oeta Region
    Alliance tag: Hogz
    Alliance name: The Hogz
    Mostly American. Looking for strong active players who are looking for an alliance on the rise. Always willing to help. Let me know if you found us thru this site. 🤙🏼

  35. ‼️#1307 Kingdom of Elklake‼️
    Zone 3 Alliance
    Alliance tag: S~DA
    Spartan Legacy x DA
    Based in 🇪🇸Spain🇪🇸 and the 🇺🇸USA🇺🇸 with members around the world. Looking for
    active, vocal players to distinguish us from the rest. Lots to do and lots to grow, so come
    join us as we prepare for KvK!

  36. Welcome… TO THE DISTRICT!

    We are ~D3~ District Sun! From #1288

    We are over 1 BILLION points, if your from another server check us out looking to migrate to a great peaceful server with temple rotation and much more.

    In game name, Maniakshotz server#1288

  37. Looking for active members to join our alliance (ftte)nevergiveup.. we are a friendly group, and we welcome any new members. We will help you level up quickly. We are in kingdom Palmas

  38. [Miss] You Shall Not Pass is an active fun loving alliance looking for active members. We are in kingdom 1286 Diphu and we are #3 alliance controlling over 1 billion power with our Miss family. We are fairly laid back and try to stay out of drama between others and don’t war very often so we don’t waste troops. Come join us in building a strong kingdom. Pm me in game – Lordofdeath27 to join.

  39. Greetings from [SxY1]Pinoy Death Squad,
    Prominent Spoken Language: English
    Active and Experienced Players
    Current Alliance Members: 65
    Current Alliance Power: 50mil
    Required Power Level: 700k+
    #1363 Kingdom of Mutum
    Continent of Egria

  40. Kingdom #1289
    Alliance name is LX Middle Earth Kings (LXMK)
    “Hear the howl of the northern wolf pack, tremble upon it! Be on your knees and taste that fear from the cold bit. Nurtured by the wildlife, and grown by the eager to survive. We hunt in a pack, and our steps match each other heartbeats. We kill for only several causes, to GROW, to SURVIVE, and to PROTECT OUR BROTHERS & SISTERS. Become our pack members or become our prey!”

    Minimum 1M power requirement. Must be active in chat, daily raid, rallies, and spam tech donation.
    Once you join us, you become our pack. You will war with us, and we will fight for you. Nobody takes our wolf pack easily, we with no hesitate will burn anyone that tries to harm one of our pack.

  41. I just made a new alliance, we are very active and will accept anyone into the alliance.
    Alliance name: TheDarkKnights
    Thanks for your support

  42. AAXG 1.7bn power alliance Kingdom 1244 Minimum requirement 20m and active. 10+ T5 players in our kingdom Rank 1 kingdom in KvK 7 out of the top 10 individual power players in KvK 5 out of the top 10 alliances in KvK Recently had 500+ players migrate to us creating an insanely busy kingdom. R4 slot available for the right t5 player. More if needed. Drop me a message here or in game. Come say hi and we can chat. Join today, tonight passes open and we go to war 🙂

  43. Hi! I’m trying to grow my alliance in the server Conde, it is new so I would like to grow fast to push out competition in the area, the alliance is called KIKI King Killers, the idea is to try and overtake the large dominant alliances.

  44. iLL is looking for active recruits in #1260 Kingdom of Luri. We are chilled bunch very friendly and fun in chat. If you are active, join us, we will help you with increasing your power.

  45. My account is senzubeanfeen and I’ve been playing for 2 and a half days and I have grown very fond of the game and I am trying to be #1 in everything on the game I have grown rapidly and continue to grow and I am looking for all types of players who are ready to grow and become #1 also I accept all player just try to be kinda active my clan is @YouCantTryUs [YcTU] so if you looking for a clan to treat this game more then just a luh game join my my account an ig is @Senzubeanfeen_ and sc @ Senzubeanfeen

  46. Just started a new alliance. I am very active and have had a hard time finding active alliances. iLLuMiN@xiS is the alliance name. SiNx is the tag. Profile SiNiK. I look forward to playing with you. I will stay active and promote officers regularly.

  47. Kingdom 1280 #HTC active 1.7b power looking for high power members to help with the KvK 40 days left message one of the R4’s reference Voodoo

  48. I am looking for active members to help the alliance. The alliance is called (CSM2) TheDefensiveWar&Or 2. Are allies are (CSM) TheDefensiveWar&Or.

  49. We as Dragon Group are in level 6 in domination and are now looking for active PPL to rise it to top, so we are looking for u to join us to go to to together and be part of it

  50. Indaya96
    Alliance name: The Dark Phoenix Alliance
    NOTES: literally ANY AND EVERYONE can joins as long as your active and donate and participate in the alliance

  51. Alliance name: Big Dracos
    Kingdom: 401
    Tag: BD-
    New clan looking for beginner players that are active.

  52. We are looking for active and friendly players!!
    We are Speaking GERMAN, POLISH and also ENGLISH.
    We are very strong and EVERYTIME active, so we are helping eachother, fighting with others and we have strong allies too.
    Join us at Kingdom Neiva (#1386)
    and the clans name is::
    [@BOB] Berlin on Bike

  53. I am looking for any and all members for the Bruh Army. English speakers are desired. Once I get enough members, I will make sure we will have plenty of fun by starting wars and overall having a blast. The alliance is located at #1398 Kingdom of Mirante, clan tag is 3ruh and full name is The Bruh Army.

  54. Burning Star (bs7) is looking for active members and new members so that we can grow and conquer together!
    Kingdom: #1404 (Flexible)
    Continent of Egria
    Kingdom: Umbra (Flexible)

  55. Kingdom of Cartago
    Alliance: tks Conquerors Of Chaos

    Joins us and be part of the active alliance that grow and encourage each other. We fight and support one another so if you are new or in a tight spot join our alliance and we’ll make your stay the best!!!!

  56. GOTm Clan (Kingdom of Gandu) looking for active players who communicate in chat. If you are new to the game we will happy to help you evolve. If you can’t find us try looking for my name LadyTheGoddess 🙂

  57. Hi we are NIGHTSWATCH, we are located in Kindom #1407 I’m the continent of Egria… join us! Rally on Comrades

  58. Hello everyone! We’re Rising Dead, c_o4 from K1085(Kingdom of Charon) and looking for active players to join us, we’re a English/Spanish/German alliance with people mostly from American and Europe. Currently 2 Kingdom in KvK and with title sharing and kingdom buffs for events all the time, if you’re interested in joining our alliance please message my account “Iron Alex”, “Eagleeye4” or “Lord Stan” we will make sure to rise power capacity to your needs for Immigration and will make a powerful alliance, we’re accepting individuals and alliances as a whole to our kingdom.

  59. #1104.
    I’m an R4 in the main alliance UnX 3b+ power and Very active.

    We are currently refilling 4 other alliances with 1b+ power after pre kvk migrations and clear out of inactives.

    All ages/timezones/power levels welcomed. Current immigration cap 45m.

    We are not a kingdom of whales with 6 or so of us nearly T5 for next kvk. Really we need volume of active players for kvk stage 2 and kingdom honor points.

    Why is #1104 different? We actually helped our smaller alliance take their camps/passes whilst other kingdoms just left them untaken rather than co-operate and work together.

    Just immigrate and we will find you an active home easy enough. Or mail me in game.

  60. We ( Elder Scrollers) are a Dutch clan and looking for active members in server 1404 – Rivendell.

    Currently 20 clan members with territory fortress.

    PM me in game for more info and fun 🙂

    Gz Davidovv

  61. Looking for active members for kingdom #1310

    We are Elite Revolution
    Relative peace has come to most of the kingdom but mostly in our corner of the map!
    If you wish to apply message Stella Mace face 🙂
    Our coordinates are x 47 y 302

  62. We are German Death Guard
    We are mostly german (a few internationals)
    We are the second strongest alliance in Hatamis Hope (K1017)
    Our kingdom is at peace and liberal to all who want to migrate to us
    all alliances work together to grow up and we are willing to win the next kvk and not only want to be second strongest kingdom like last time
    We have russian vietnamese french german and international guilds who would welcome everyone

  63. Hi guys looking for people to join me I’m new but I’m on every day the group is called TOASTED if you want to join

  64. Name: Knight Dragons
    We are a new alliance in a new kingdom looking for active members. Currently residing at 3 million power and looking to quickly grow that number. Apply or send me a dm Firejarv. I would love to welcome you in
    Kingdom of Havza
    Alliance: Knight Dragons
    Location: X835 Y254

  65. July 29; 2019
    Alliance: The Greybeards
    If your looking for a alliance that is very active and openly accepting new players then you should join the Greybeards. See you in the game.

    Kingdom of Dere

  66. Continent of egria
    Kingdom of alaca
    Guild name: Yeet Fleet.
    We are a new guild looking to grow with active friendly members.

  67. Alliance: Jatz Chaps
    This is the ideal Alliance for anyone who wants to be in an awesome team. We are all very active, friendly people, who enjoy the game and enjoy chatting.

    Kingdom of Alaca

  68. Alliance:GSPT
    Power:1.8 billion
    Join me in kingdom 1142. Please message me in game if interested. We have 4 t5 players and have others growing too and currently have 38 spaces available for people looking to join our alliance.

  69. Continent of Egria
    Kingdom of Dibek
    Alliance tag: [SGSG]
    Alliance name: 斗神叶秋
    We love to help and have a very supportive group. Become part of our game family
    P.S. no power requirement.

  70. Hey I just started playing and I’ve started a small alliance for beginners and newbies no requirements other than be active and play lots!
    Kindsom of susUz

  71. Hi. Come and join “Purple Phoenixs” there is no requirment other than being active. Lets band together and conquer the world.

  72. O começo de um novo clã a procura de membros ativos quê nos ajude a crescer venha e dê uma olhada quem sabe você não gosta!!!😁😁👍
    #1389 reino de Fran.
    Clã:loucos por animes(nome sujeito a ser trocado)

  73. Hey there,
    My alliance (Zip3) The Nuclears are looking for active players!
    #1433 Kingdom of Cornhill
    Requirements super easy

  74. Join 420 Poosie Destroyer!!! Just having fun and trying to get huge. We are all super dooper active and are trying hard to get our center fortress. We still have room for hierarchy as well. Everyone in the clan is friendly and helpful. We even got one of our new guys to 10 in 1 day! Please feel free to join and don’t mind the name. It’s just a little hokey pokey.

  75. Hey RoK players SGT Oliver here from kingdom 1251 alliance “vicious and delicious“ we are starting our second KvK on August 10th we are looking for active players to help secure our victory! Only thing I ask is you be active! Our alliance is super active and funny a lot of ladies well mostly girls lol but that are bad lol come join our adult entertainment

  76. My alliance is indi
    It’s name is “development at peak”
    Join us and let’s make our alliance the best alliance in whole kingdom

  77. Nice and straight to the point.
    Kingdom: #1436
    Alliance: Legends of Fire (Near Fire Altar) Tag: ~LF
    Perks: Leader always online, Rational Decisions, not an Arsehole, Friendly Members, Cooperative

  78. (Fai2) Looking for new members
    We are looking for New Alliance Members. Active, Social, Helpful & Friendly players, Everyone Welcome
    Experienced Leader and Rank 4’s (officers)
    Join and grow with us
    [Fai2] Kingdom: 1376 (Tussi) (Bilbao)
    Lost Temple part of Kingdom Quest
    Power: 52+ Million
    Territories: 59 and growing

  79. KO-1 Alliance looks for new members/alliances to join our cause!
    We look for single players or groups of friends to join us and have fun!
    Our kingdom is 1236 Kingdom of Abbasid .
    We are currently on the kvk preparation stage.
    At the moment i write this message we own the Temple and our leader is the King.
    The kingdom is a great place and every alliance works together! We all share the King position.
    Join us and have fun in a friendly possitive Kingdom that can provide kvk wins!
    Search KO-1 alliance in 1236 and contact : Cheverus
    Have a nice day!

  80. Alliance = (Arctic Chaos)
    Alliance Power = (30M+)
    Continent = (Egria)
    Kingdom number/name = (#1422 Kingdom of Dere.)
    Arctic Chaos [ARCX] is now recruiting and are only looking for players that are experienced and ACTIVE !!!! ARCX’s Alliance is constantly growing by over 3m+ every day! So in return we have become more organized and serious about our Alliance. Also Having fun is never out of the question (: come join Artic Chaos [ARXC] and begin a promising brand new chapter for your city and governor TODAY! . I hope to see you soon (:
    Sincerely, [ARCX] SCARxx (R4 Officer)

  81. Hello All

    The legion of Ares @res (1239) wants YOU, we are a fast growing alliance of international players primarily English speaking. We offer you great research, Zone 3 and Lost Kingdom access starting in about a day. There is a lot of experienced players in our alliance so if your looking for a great environment and a chance to grow fast contact myself or any officer for acceptance. Thank you for your time

    1. Hi from Pa1(Patatra) alliance. We are looking for active players to join us. We are controlling 331 territory and gift level 13. Send your request to join to Zak Phantom.
      #1041 Kingdom of Bosnian

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