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Rise of Civilizations: Promote Your Alliance Here and Find New Active Members

One of the most important tips that I shared in our Rise of Civilizations guide for beginners is being part of an active alliance. However, it is difficult for both sides to find each other: alliances looking for members are having a hard time finding them, while people looking for truly active alliances are also having a tough time.

This is why I have decided to create this article and give everybody a chance to find what they are looking for. In other words, this is the ultimate place to be for promoting your Rise of Civilizations alliance and finding new members that are perfect for driving it forward.

Players looking for a solid alliance to join in Rise of Civilizations should simply browse the comment section below and choose the one that fits the description the best (making sure that they fit the requirements as well).

So… how to promote your RoC alliance here and let others know that you’re looking for an active member?

Simply publish a comment below, clearly stating the name of your alliance to make it easy for fellow players to find you. Make sure to write all details that you think must be known by potential new members, such as requirements, type of alliance and even preferred time zone in order to keep things going as smoothly as possible.

IMPORTANT: Since there are multiple servers in the game, don’t forget to actually mention the server (Kingdom) you are playing in, otherwise, other players won’t be able to find you!

And this would be it – I will make sure to delete comments every now and then in order to make sure that old messages are removed and newer ones go to the top. This way, everybody will get a fair chance, although players looking for a new alliance in Rise of Civilizations are encouraged to read all the comments and read the descriptions until they find the right one for them.

This would be all – so let’s start building some really solid alliances now!


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  1. Alliance: The Death Card – Kingdom of Bosnian #41. Players of any level allowed, any language, any country however current alluance members live in the UK

  2. We have an alliance and we need more members to build a castle.
    Join us please!
    We can assist you with food, wood, stone and gold.
    Alliance tag: [JAZ]
    Alliance name: “jaz akam zrna”
    #78 kingdom of lusail
    First 3 members will be promoted to rank 3.
    Thank you !!!

  3. Sik Hand #86

    Adult alliance and active. Looking to clean up the territory and have some fun. Always in chat for what we should do to upgrade our alliance. Strategic players are welcome at any power lvl.


  4. THE RIOT ALLIANCE is free for everyone. No power needed you just need to be active. We are located in the kingdom of glamorgan

  5. #52 Kingdom of Inca
    Province Masai Mara
    Coordinates X492:Y1081
    Clan Name *,~ Inheritors
    Active clan still growing min 400K be active English preferred but not necessary.
    Current we WeChat. Looking to go to discord.

    Please mail me
    N004Drake2 when applying

    1. nWA north wolf alliance
      #1115 kingdom of Marino
      Is looking for active members.
      Power is secondary.
      Join us to run with wolfs.

  6. Alliance: [-TBA] The Branch Acillians
    Kingdom: #1137
    Be active and you can stay. There is no actual power requirment
    Anyone can join.

  7. Join my clan there r no requirements only that you r active we will help one another and against all odds we shall rise and take what is ours join me clan name clan is wolvesofwallstreet [wow] my name is alesandro97

  8. JOin my alliance-THEGreatEmperor
    Kingdom of calvina
    No requirements just looking for active members
    We’ll help each other and will rise rise to the top

  9. Brand new alliance Stricken. Kingdom of sivas. Need members and officers. Anyone can join there is no power limit. All we ask is you are active and help out with alliance rally’s. building and such.

  10. [Fuse] Fusion
    Just made this alliance. No power level or experience is required. Very active group who is on a lot and ready to help out in the alliance.

  11. Peaceful Hufflepuffs!
    Kingdom of Hadrian
    Preferred time zone is CEST but anyone can join.
    This is a brand new alliance so there’s not many members yet. Our goal is to be as peaceful as possible and avoid wars unless we absolutely have to to be able to survive.
    There is no power limits or requirements, anyone can join!

  12. Alliance: alliance of power [aoP]
    Wing: [aoP2]
    Kingdom: Aragon
    Requirements: 150k min
    We have very active members and are currently establishing flags for our fortress- send in an application and if you meet requirements above you will be accepted. If you do not have 150k power, feel free to apply to our second alliance (aoP2)

  13. [QTPi] Cutie pie club is an alliance is founded by a few California ladies to create a happy, cute, and positive environment for us all to enjoy while we spend time playing ROC together 🙂

    Come join us! No application necessary (who needs the stress?)

    [QTPi] Cutie pie club

  14. Hello everyone, if you are looking for an active, growing clan to join, “#USA” is the clan for you. We are growing fast and spots may be limited, we are takin anyone who is as active in RoC.

    Clan : #USA
    Kingdom : #1148 Kingdom of Nineveh

  15. [BPLA] Beer Pong League
    USA Based
    All Players Welcome/No Requirements

    We can provide protection and resources for you, that’s a promise

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