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Rise of Civilizations: Network Unstable Errors & How to Fix Them

Every now and then, I start getting those really annoying “Network Unstable” errors in Rise of Civilizations. This usually means that I have to reload the game over and over again and I only get to play in tiny little bits of time.

So today I have decided to write about these “network unstable” errors in Rise of Civilizations and share with you all the potential methods to fix them once and for all. Although, as you will see, it’s not always something that we can do as the problems are server-related.

Because, indeed, this is what this type of error is: a connection problem. They usually start when you try to tap something in the game: you will notice a delay (usually when it comes to reading or clearing out your emails in Rise of Civilizations), but also when looking for new Barbarian targets to attack or searching for resources to farm.

The most common type of connection problem that I get with Rise of Civilizations is similar to the one in the screenshot below:

The error message is always the same: “Network unstable, connection lost” and then it’s followed by something like “Please click CONFIRM to reconnect” and you also have an error code. These might vary from user to user, but in my case, it is the error code e12:7920 that has been caught on screen.

Here is another connection error message in Rise of Civilizations:

How to fix the Network Unstable problems in RoC?

1. Based on extensive play since the game was launched, I can tell you that usually these connection problems start pooping up right before the game is about to go in Maintenance mode, or immediately before or after an update is released.

In this case, it is the developer’s servers that are actually having problems and there is little you can do to fix them. The only thing you can do if it’s indeed their servers is to wait and come back later – or simply try to reconnect tapping the required button. In most cases, after 2-3 reconnects, everything will work as it should.

If it doesn’t, just do the difficult thing of putting the game away for 30 minutes and come back later.

2. However, it’s not always the developer’s problem. You might also be experiencing some network-related issues, so make sure that you are connected to WiFi or a mobile internet network and you have a strong signal. You can go as far as resetting your router to make sure that everything’s working fine.

3. Force quit the game and re-launch it. This should also fix any problem with the game that’s not caused by the game’s server.

In order to force quit the game, exit it, then bring up the menu with your active apps and remove it from the list, before launching it again.

4. Make sure that you are not using any resource-hogging applications in the background. If your device is updating other apps, or if some resource-demanding ones are running in the background, you might run into problems especially if you’re playing the game on an older device.

So turn off all background apps when playing Rise of Civilizations, to make sure that it has all the required resources to run flawlessly.

But, in most cases, it’s the problem with the game’s servers which are either going through maintenance (these are usually announced in advance) or handling a brand new update. The good news is that in the majority of situations when this happens, Lilith Games compensates players with a bunch of free Gems, so your trouble is not in vain.

Are you experiencing network connection problems in Rise of Civilizations? Were you able to fix them by doing other things than those listed above? Let us all know by commenting below!


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  1. after the latest update I am no longer able to load the game. The error notice shown is CLEAR_ALL_DATA I have got to the point of 100% loaded but once the distant view of HQ appears the game quits. Have tried many times over the last 24 hours with the same result.

  2. Same for me; mostly it kicks me out at about 90%, but a few times it has started loading my city and then stalled. I have tried deleting and reloading to no avail. Ducks Deluxe…

  3. Loads to 70% then error, so far error 1, e:3:14, and more that I’m sick of seeing. It happened after I setup a second player in a completely different kingdom then telepoted to a different less populated land. It never reloaded and I’m in a pretty big battle with my first character so I guess Fair well to my clan because I was a high ranking officer. Hope you fix it, I’m pretty bummed out

  4. I keep trying to log on. The game starts and in the background I can see people chatting etc but I keep getting a pop up saying error e3:8035? My signal here is very strong. Any ideas?

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