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Rise of Civilizations: How to Teleport to Your Alliance Territory

We already have a place for you to find your next super active alliance, but that doesn’t mean much if your hours away from your teammates. Fortunately, you can teleport to your alliance in Rise of Civilizations and I am here to share with you today how to do it.

The thing is that, in order to teleport to your alliance in Rise of Civilizations, you will need a special items: a teleport item that you will find in your inventory, looking something like this:

Now, I no longer have the actual items in possession since I used them and didn’t look into purchasing more, but you should look for either a Beginner’s Teleport scroll (which allows new players to teleport anywhere on the map) or an Alliance Teleport scroll which allows you to teleport in your alliance’s territory.

Now in the example above, I only have a random teleport which is not very useful, but either of the two items mentioned above will do a good job.

Now, in order for you to teleport in your alliance’s territory, you will need to actually go to the world map, scroll to the alliance territory – or easily find it if your alliance placed a marker like this one:

Then use the item that allows you to teleport and select a location. Make sure that you actually place your village in an empty space: zoom in as much as possible on the position you want to teleport to and wait a little bit to make sure that all the elements in the game are loaded. Sometimes you might get an error when you try to teleport if there’s already a barbarian camp, or a mine there, but not loaded yet.

Where to get more teleport scrolls?

It is vital to use this scrolls to only teleport to an alliance you’re confident you’re going to spend time in. I say this because it’s really difficult to get more alliance teleport scrolls – and they are expensive.

The only way to get one, actually, is by visiting the Mysterious Merchant that visits your civilization every now and then. They will not always have these scrolls available, but when they do, it doesn’t hurt to buy one and have it in your inventory just in case.

This would be it: you know how to get to teleport to your alliance in Rise of Civilizations. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask us below!


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  1. Oi. Tou com um problema. Nao estou conseguindo fazer o teletransporte. Já fiz uma 1° vez o de iniciante mas agora quero m mudar para perto da minha aliança e nao dá. Tenho o teletransporte disponivel e qd tento fazer diz q nao tenho os requisitos # 1,2,7. Nao sei o q isso quer dizer.

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