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Rise of Civilizations: How to Send Two Commanders in Battle at the Same Time

Did you know that you can pair up two commanders in Rise of Civilizations and have them both lead your army to victory? It is doable and probably you will find out about this possibility after being attacked by a stronger enemy and see in the battle report that they used two commanders to lead the same army.

But how to do that, because early on you don’t have the chance to. Well, you will have it soon and you’ll be able to select two commanders for on army in Rise of Civilizations:

The only thing that you need to do is to reach 3 stars with your main commander. As soon as a commander gets to three stars, you can add a secondary commander (known as a support commander) to aid in battle. The second commander can have any number of stars.

When adding a second commander in Rise of Civilizations to lead the same army, only their unlocked skills will actually count. You won’t be able to add extra troops – so always make sure that your main commander is that with the largest troop capacity, and the support commander is one with killer skills in PvP (or against barbarians).

We have talked about commanders extensively in my guide here, while the Database category is still work in progress at the moment, but it will hold information about all commanders in the game (and more!)

How to send two commanders in battle before getting to three stars?

You have an alternative to send two commanders fight the same enemy – be it a PvP encounter or a high level barbarian. This is not the exact same thing as above, but this one has its advantages as well:

Just like in the Expedition battles in your single player campaign, on the world map, two different armies can attack the same enemy. So if you create two different armies using two different commanders (or up to four if the two main ones are at 3 stars), you can send them attack the same enemy.

This also gives you the bonus of getting the “surrounded” message and deal even more damage to your enemy, but as a downside, you need many troops in order to do it.

It’s good to know that you have alternatives here, but the main goal you have to reach is to get your main attacking commanders to three stars ASAP in order to be able to pair them with a new one. Make sure that you do this for your offensive commanders, as the gatherers won’t have anything to benefit from bringing help with them.


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