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Rise of Civilizations: How to Save & Continue Your Game when Changing from a Device to Another

If you are planning to change your phone and you would like to carry on your progress in Rise of Civilizations, that is possible and it’s extremely easy to do. And today we’re going to talk exactly about that: how to save your game’s progress on a device and continue playing on a new device.

This works if you are playing Rise of Civilizations on Android and switch to iPhone (or vice-versa), but also works if you are still keeping the game on the same platform (so upgrading to a new model on Android or iPhone).

In order to save your game progress and continue playing RoC on your new device, you have to prepare in advance. If you don’t do this and you uninstall the game or start anew on your other device, you might not be able to continue playing where you left off.

So here is what to do to save your progress on a device and move your game to the other:

1. In the game you want to save your progress in, tap your character’s portrait icon in the upper left corner.

2. Tap the Settings button and in the new window, tap the Account option.

3. There you will have the option to link your account to Facebook or Google:

4. Choose any of these options (or both if you want to be extra-safe, although it’s not really needed) and double check to make sure that the linking has been confirmed (as in the screenshot below where I have my account linked on Facebook).

5. After you have linked your account correctly, quit the game on your device and install Rise of Civilizations on your new phone. Next, follow the same steps above to get to the Account options, but instead of “Link” select “Switch”. Use your Facebook or Google account and your game will reload your progress on your new phone.

IMPORTANT: Whenever you start a new game on a new phone, you will have to go through the early tutorial. Don’t panic – it’s absolutely normal! Complete the tutorial and afterwards, you will have the option to tap your character profile and switch accounts.

And this is it! This is everything you need to do to continue your progress in Rise of Civilizations if you get a new phone. Hope this is easy to follow and helpful.


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  1. Hey The General,

    Love all your guides. Big fan too!

    Just one quick question on this post as recently, i switch from Apple Iphone X and Ipad to Samsung Note 9.

    Based on my understanding, Apple IOS to IOS and Samsung ADR to ADR is fine but not vice verse.

    Meaning, if I saved my game data on Samsung Note 9 and wish to port over this on my Ipad (via Facebook), the game on Ipad will be saved as a new data when i “Switch” them after the tutorial.

    Please let me know if the dev had fixed this.

    Patrick Yeo aka Ea5t3r

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