Rise of Civilizations Cleopatra Review / Impressions

The only Legendary female commander in Rise of Civilizations is Cleopatra, and she’s a really tough one! One of the best commanders when it comes to gathering resources quickly and with boosts to troop carry capacity, she’s going to be our next focus in today’s review of Rise of Civilizations Cleopatra.

I’m currently updating our database of Commanders and have already written about Cao Cao, Minamoto No Yoshitsune and Boudica and pretty soon I’ll have them all covered. Until then, here’s the beautiful Cleopatra:

But today, I will share my thoughts and opinions about Cleopatra in Rise of Civilizations – one of the best gatherers in the game thanks to her Legendary status and great boosts its skill offer. So let’s not waste any time and instead let’s find out more about this hero!

Cleopatra Skills

Even though a Legendary commander, Cleopatra only has 2 traits (as opposed to the 3 most other Legendaries have): Gatherer, meaning that she gets a boost when it comes to gathering resources; and Support, meaning that she’s presumably better in helping nearby friendly forces in battle.

Now, let’s check out her skills:

Queen of Kings: Heals slightly wounded units (nearby troops included) and increases their defense for 2 seconds. She starts with a base 150 healing factor, going all the way up to 400. Her defense bonus starts at 5% and goes all the way up to 15%.

Now, this is a good skill in theory, but not an amazing one for a dedicated gatherer. Most likely, you will only use Cleopatra as a gatherer and not as a support (due to different skills needed for each role), so her starting skill can be considered generally useless.

End of Ptolemy: This is her second skill: it gives her a speed bonus when gathering Stone (5%, up to 30%), as well as a slightly lower one when gathering other resources (3%, up to 20% at level 5).

Beauty and Wisdom: This increases the load of troops by 10% at level 1, all the way to 50% at level 5 – meaning that your troops will be able to carry more resources.

The Last Pharaoh: When gathering resources, Siege Units get a bonus attack and defense: 10% at level 1, all the way up to 50% at maximum level.

Cleopatra Talents & Development

Despite her being advertised as a support, as well as a gatherer, I believe that you should only focus on Cleopatra’s gathering talents. We’re talking about the “Pack light” branch, going all the way down to all resource-gathering related talents.

That means that up to level 20, Cleopatra can unlock all the base resource gathering boosts, and can even work up 5 more levels for Gold boost. Afterwards, you should focus on Siege Units to get the extra load eventually – but that’s a long way to go and not really worth focusing on.

Cleopatra – Closing thoughts

She is definitely a great commander when it comes to gathering resources and can even be used as a support – thanks to her starting Skill, if needed and no other options exist.

However, I really doubt that you would be able to really focus on starring her up all the way to the max. Instead, I think that you’re still mostly safe getting her to her third skill and stopping there. You would still benefit a lot from the boosts, and you’d get to use the skill books on commanders that make a difference in battle (either attacking others or defending your castle).

What do you think about Cleopatra? Is she indeed the best gatherer in the game, or you prefer less rare heroes to do the gathering for you?


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