Rise of Civilizations: Boudica Review and Overview

Boudica is, in my opinion, one of the best commanders in Rise of Civilizations. She’s great when it comes to fighting against barbarians on the map, but can also be used successfully in the Expeditions or even in PvP combat. And in today’s article we’re going to talk more about her, with a complete Boudica review and impressions article.

This article also marks the first in a series of articles about all commanders in the game. I’ll have a review and impressions posted for each of them, and we’ll start with my current favorite for early levels – Boudica:

Boudica is an Epic commander, meaning that it should be slightly easier to get statues for her in order to improve her skills. This also means that she’s weaker, in terms of power and skill numbers compared to rarer commanders (the Legendary ones). But I still believe that she’s a great commander and I don’t feel bad for investing resources in developing her.

You can check out her overview above and read the description for a bit of a history lesson. But what matters the most to us is how good is she in the game, so let’s just talk about it!

UPDATE: The commanders have been tweaked by a recent update. If you want to check out my recommended Boudica build after the update, don’t hesitate to do so!

Boudica is a Nuker / Jungler hero. This means that her active skill (the one unlocked at 1 star) is very powerful. It also means that she’s better against barbarian units on the map, simply dealing more damage to them. She also has the skills to make that happen:

So, which are Boudica’s skills and, most importantly, are they good enough? Let’s check them out below:

Lament of the Insurgent (active skill): Deals massive damage to the target and reduces its rage. Decreases the target troops’ attack by 10% in for the next seconds.

The starting bonuses here are relatively low, with just 225 damage dealt, 10% attack reduction and 50 Rage reduction, but if you skill this up all the way to the max, you can get to 600 damage, 25% damage reduction and 100 Rage reduction which is pretty impressive against both barbarians, other players and Expeditions.

Battle with Group: the second skill you unlock is entirely focused on dealing more damage to barbarians. She starts with a 5% bonus and goes all the way to 25% at level 5

Celtic Blood: Her second skill gives her rage restoring abilities, as well as troop healing on lightly wounded units. She automatically activates this skill when she casts her active one, and starts with 10 rage restoration and 150 healing factor, going all the way to 50 and 400. Pretty useful skill in difficult battles, but not that much otherwise.

Queen of the Iceni: A really interesting skill that has a chance of activating constantly, increasing the damage done by own troops by a specific percentage, from 10% to 150%. Again, this is extremely useful in all types of battles, but maxing this skill up is really hard work.

Boudica’s talents

She is the first commander that I have worked on and the screenshot above is made before a skill reset. Don’t take it as guidance, as that is definitely not the best way to upgrade her talents.

However, you can definitely go for a similar path to the one I have chosen or follow a brand new one. Basically, focusing on any talent that makes her more powerful is a great idea, ignoring the branches that increase defense or are created for gatherers (starting with Pack Light).

You can either choose to go for general troop bonuses (Troops Attack and forward) and move then to Superior Tactician to unlock Rage Recovery or go specialize her on Cavalry (although there are better commanders to specialize here).

Boudica closing thoughts

As I said, I like Boudica and I don’t regret investing in her early on. Of course, I could’ve focused on better commanders, but in my instance, I didn’t have others available. So she became a really solid choice for conducting barbarian raids and attacking other players if needed.

With a bit of luck getting statues to Skill her up, choosing the right Talents and pairing her up with a good support, she can become a deadly commander. So if you have her, there’s no reason to ignore investing in her as she’s quite a barbarian slayer and can easily deal with other players as well.

What do you think about Boudica? Is she a solid hero or you’d rather focus on upgrading somebody else?


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