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Rise of Civilizations: Best Commanders in the Game Based on Their Role

The question that I get asked the most when it comes to Rise of Civilizations is “What is the best commander in the game?” And the answer is not that easy to offer, especially since we’re talking about 27 commanders of various rarities – most of them really difficult to get.

But even so, it is relatively easy for you to decide what your best commander is based on what you have unlocked and in today’s article I will share a complete guide for the Rise of Civilizations commanders, as well as rank them from best to worst (in my opinion).

Do have in mind that commanders in RoC are not created equal, some being better for attacking barbarians or other players, while others are better at gathering resources to help your civilization progress faster. Which is a good thing, because you can divide them in categories and choose one top hero from each to make the best.

Finally – and this is also something extremely important – when it comes to commanders, it’s not only their base stats that matter, but also their skills and talents. The talents are really important as they are easier to work on, based on the commander’s level:

So simply choosing the best talents based on a commander’s type will make them even better. At the same time, making poor choices will result in your commander not reaching their potential. For example, if you have a commander focused on gathering resources, going the “Pack Light” route would be a good idea since that lowers action points requirements and increases gathering stats. No point in investing in Troops Attack or Defense boosts, as they will not use these!

With these in mind, let’s see which are the best commanders based on their role in Rise of Civilizations. Simply pick the one(s) you have unlocked and work on making them better.

Best commanders for gathering resources

Cleopatra VII

She has the “Gatherer” trait, which means she’s better at gathering resources. Once you unlock her second skill, she will also get a boost to Stone Gathering speed, while her third skill increases the troops’ load capacity.

Gaius Marius

Also has the Gatherer trait and gets a bonus to gathering resources from its second skill. Just like with Cleopatra, the third skill unlocks extra carry capacity for troops. Gaius has the advantage to be a bit easier to star up since he’s not as rare as Cleopatra


Another Gatherer commander with similar skill unlocks as the previous two. This one gets a bigger bonus when it comes to collecting wood.


Better overall since she has no specialization and gets a bit more in terms of gathering speed for all resources (more compared to the not-preferred resources of the previous ones).

Joan of Arc

I left her last because she’s a bit more difficult to skill up, but the advantage is that starting with her second skill, she gets a massive boost to both Gathering speed (more than those above) and also load capacity. In other words, she’s the best gatherer in the game once you unlock her second skill.

In the end, when it comes to gatherers, if you have the luxury of choosing one to focus on, I would recommend Joan as your main gatherer and Sarka as the second. If not, just work with what you have on the list above.

Best commanders for attacking

It would be a bit more normal to further divide offensive commanders in PvP and Barbarian, but this would complicate things too much. Normally, the commanders with good PvP stats are preferred in the long run, but early on the ones with bonuses against barbarians are better since that’s what you’ll be fighting the most.

With these in mind, here are the best commanders to use for attacking:


Better to be specialized against barbarians, she has a solid Active skill but that would be about it if you’re fighting other players.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

This one is slightly better in PvP since he only unlocks the bonuses against Barbarians with the third skill, and otherwise gets marching speed and attack boosts to cavalry units. Good to use as a support commander as well!


Better in PvP than others, but most likely best to be used as support and nothing more. Similar to Minamoto but with lower bonuses since he’s a more common hero.

Julius Caesar

Definitely the best attacker in the game – amazing skills, amazing hero. Hard to get, though. Really hard to get!

Frederick I

Good as support commander, mainly thanks to its second skill – but I wouldn’t focus on him as my main commander.

Cao Cao

Another great commander, but also hard to get. This one is good against barbarians too thanks to its second skill, but can be a great commander for PvP battles thanks to a massive active skill and great stats.

Richard I

The ultimate support commanders – great even with just the first skill unlocked, but even better if you manage to unlock his second and maybe level them up a bit.

Hannibal Barca

Another great commander with interesting bonuses. He gets, with his second skill, bonuses if you have three different types of troops in the army – and totally worth it. Great commander that can also be used as a solid support for mixed armies.

Best commanders for defending your castle

Charles Martel

A really solid commander to keep in your garrison to defend your resources. Good skills – and the more you have unlocked, the better he gets!

Yi Seong-Gye

More of a support hero than a defender, he still remains a great choice to defend Garrisons if you have no other options.

Kusonoki Masashige

Similar to the commander above, he’s great as a defending support or a main defender. You do need him to higher levels since the second and third skills are what make him so good.

Sun Tzu

One of my favorite defenders since he starts with a great skill and then it gets even better. He also focuses on improving infantry – which is what you will most likely have the most of at home.

The good thing about defending commanders is that some of the ones that are great for attacking (but more so for support) can be used here as well – so you don’t have to work on leveling up so many commanders, in the end. Richard I, Hannibal or Frederick I are all good support commanders that can be used in defense as well!

Useless commanders (use their statues for starring up others)

All the commanders that are very common (with a green background) are not really worth investing in. They only have 1 special trait (under their name) and the value multipliers of their skills are very low compared to others. So don’t level these up and keep any statues that you have for them to star up your better commanders.

The useless commanders in the game are Dragon Lancer, Centurion, City Keeper and Markswoman.

And this would be a list of the most important (and least important) commanders in the game. In the end, work with what you have early on and take advantage of the special skills of each commander!


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    1. That is true, unless you compare him with the Legendaries, and if you have enough statues to level up his skills. He is indeed good since he’s a Leader and therefore can hold more troops, so if you get him before Boudica, you can focus on him as well.

  1. I disagree about the green background commanders they are not trash. They are useful if you know how to build them. For example centurion is a good gatherer. You can upgrade his skills 10x faster than Cleo, 3rd skill matters. And his talents are easier to upgrade. Dragon lancer is built for speed, if you use horseman and upgrade the right talents. You can attack flags with him collect ruins that are far a lot faster.

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